We designed WNeXT to be as simple to use as possible, while also giving you access to powerful data and to transform your performance by giving your operations teams unprecedented capabilities to see, understand and act in real time. Operate at peak efficiency by drawing insights from data generated by connected equipment—see the status of every machine and your production around the world.

Live Data

WNeXT automates complex analytical processes that enhance industrial IoT solutions through real-time insights, predictions and recommendations.

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Users have an innovative dashboard with real-time visibility of different data:

  • Production Status
  • Production Time Lot
  • Machine Data
  • Real time O.E.E.
  • Alarms and Warnings


Control the consumption of commodities and row materials with datastream telemetry and real time notifications.

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  • Live data for any machine sensor
  • Energy Consumption
  • Row Materials Consumption
  • Real Time notifications


Machine learning can identify meaningful data signals, flag anomalies, predict failure and enable preventative maintenance.

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  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Complete control of all machine components
  • Hystorical maintenance monitoring
  • Manuals or Video to solve problems


Plan your production creating orders and batches in a simple and fast way.

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  • Plan orders
  • View real-time production
  • View closed orders with costs
  • View list of jobs of any machine
  • Real time O.E.E.

Data Analysis

Complete production costs analytics with views of specific time-periods

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  • Analytics view of costs
  • Costs for recipe, machine and process
  • Personalized cost centers
  • Data Export